Value of Your Book

Value of booksThe important factor that determines the value of books is the condition of the pages, cover, etc. A book which is in good condition may even be worth $500, but the same book in not-so-good condition may be worth less than $50. Even though the book is an important one, the condition determines the value of the book. The age of the books does not determine the value as it is evident from the fact that, the 150 year bible may be preserved by a family as their heirloom, but the same does not fetch any special price from a book dealer.

Whenever you decide to consider the value of the books, there are a couple of questions that you need to answer. Are you going to sell the book to the public? Are you doing this for fun? Are you investing your amount in the books? To answer these questions, you will find a lot of information, both online and offline.


Valuing Books Online:

The internet has always been a great tool for resources. A book buyer should use the internet to its maximum potential and benefit from its vastness of resources. Once you have decided to purchase a book, you can browse through the various editors and publishers in the world and come to a conclusion on the price of the book.

There may be many auction sites where books will be listed for sale. Explore such sites to find the rough estimates of the books. But this method should be carefully employed while you decide to sell your books. The auction sites list the books with estimated prices. Even though the price of the book is listed as $4,000, the actual sell price of the book is not known.

The internet can be used as a great resource for selling rare books. You may find many sites selling such rare books. Browse through those sites to analyze the similarity between the books in the collection along with your books. Once you have arrived at a conclusion, you can fix the price for your rare books. The price of the books may also depend on various factors, such as demand of the books, popularity, scarcity, and many more.


Who is an Appraiser?

Book appraiserA professional book appraiser is a person who is an expert in pricing books. Appraisers can be called as a book seller who determines the prices of the books based on various factors. Appraisers are available for hire so as to determine the value of the books for resale. They provide an unbiased review on the condition of the book, and provide you with a rough estimate on the market value of the book. You may consider that book sellers are similar to appraisers as they too give a value for your books. But the difference is that book sellers will recommend prices that are favorable for their own business purposes. Hence, an appraiser is the only person who will tell you the actual value of the books.


Catalogs and Auction Lists:

Auctions are organized from time to time, and books are sold at auctions by placing them in catalogs. The information about the books in catalogs is listed as and when needed. If you decide to determine the value of the books, visit such auction listings, and find the price of the book that was recently sold. This will give an idea of the rough estimate of the sale of books. There are many sites that contain the auction lists and price database. Sites such as have more records than any other sites. Visit those sites, and explore the selling price of rare books over the recent past, so as to determine the market value.


Bibliographic Societies and Other Book Clubs:

Book clubThere are many book collecting clubs and bibliographic societies that get-together once in a while to discuss the various happenings in the book industry. They organize meetings now and then where you can discuss the price of the books and sometimes even sell them. This will enable you to use the information from other book collectors as well.

Since there are many book collecting clubs, it is necessary for you to analyze the purpose of each of the clubs. Some aim at general book lovers, while other clubs concentrate on serious book collectors. Analyze the functionality of the clubs before joining them.

The bibliographic societies can be categorized as regional ones and national organizations. The national and global organizations aim at collecting the most important books and specimens. Fellowship of American Bibliographic Societies (FABS) is the central monitoring body for all of the bibliographic society and regional book clubs operated in the North American region.