Buying Rare Books

Your decision to buy rare books is a commendable one, but there are certain factors that you should consider while buying such books. The rare books are available for sale through various outlets. The following is a list of places where you can find such books.


Rare Book Fairs:

Book FairsYou may find book fairs being organized now and then. They are normal fairs that present various collections of books from various publishers. But a rare book fair is a place where you can find various rare books being exhibited by book collectors from many parts of the country and even from people around the world. There will be many interesting books available and is the best place to explore many books and booksellers.



A bookstore is a place where you can find books of various editions, authors, publishers, etc. There are bookstores that specialize only in rare books. Such independent book stores that sell rare books are available in different formats. One type of such independent book store may be similar to an ordinary bookstore, which will open during business hours, and sell books to customers who visit them during the opening hours. Another type of independent book store may resemble an art gallery where books will be displayed similar to art.

BookstoreThey are also open during regular business hours. Some other book sellers work from home and sell books through auctions. There are many other book sellers who restrict customers by providing appointments. You need to make an appointment with such dealers, and visit them on time. There are another set of sellers who sell their books online through an individual website or by listing their books on shopping sites.


Online Purchase of Books:

There was a time when a person who wanted to buy a book placed an ad in AB Bookman magazine and waited for days so that any other person who had that collection of books could see the ad and respond to the buyer, after which they would negotiate through phone or letters to buy the books. Times have changed now, as you need not wait for days to get a reply from a dealer. All you need to do is visit the website of the dealer, browse through the available collections, and place an order online or visit the store to purchase the book.  You can also have your books shipped directly to your doorstep.


Website of a Bookseller:

A bookseller may have his own website with information regarding the books in his store along with an online shopping facility. Otherwise, he may simply design a web page with his store address and contact details.



Books MarketplaceA marketplace is a site where potential buyers from all around the world browse through the books on offer from dealers and booksellers located anywhere in the world. The website is a collection of books from any seller. Which makes the task easier for the buyers to choose the book of their choice. It is also possible for the buyer to compare the prices of books from various dealers, and come to a conclusion. These websites allow buyers to make transactions to the marketplace itself rather than allowing sellers to get their payment. Thus, it acts as a forum for both buyers and sellers to share their opinions and expertise.


Meta Search Sites:

The Meta search sites are similar to search engines where you will get results for all your search queries. The website will let you know the availability of books among various dealers once you enter the search term which can either be the book name, author, ISBN, publisher, etc. The difference between a Meta search site and a marketplace is that the former allows only for searching the books, while the latter allows you to purchase the books.


Thrift Stores or Flea Markets:

Thrift stores are the stores run for charity purposes where old items are sold for raising money for charity purposes. You can find many interesting and historically important books in these stores, which can be bought for a reasonably lower price.



Books auctionThere are many auction websites selling books. You may visit either the more popular Christie’s and Sotheby’s or the less popular sites for buying books. Before purchasing books from auction sites do your homework by studying the various tips and techniques.



Catalogues are produced by the booksellers for a couple of reasons. First, the booksellers consider catalogues to be the showcase of their talent, and the second reason is to distinguish themselves from other sellers that they have the best collection possible. Catalogues can also be used as bibliographical references, as they include a lot of  interesting information that is needed for the book collectors.