Fiction books to read


You could search all day for a great list of books to read but you still would have a hard time coming up with an awesome comprehensive list because there are just so many great ones out there.  There’s just no way to put a limit on what THE top books are.  The head writer of Fiction eBook has heard the question, “So, what’re the best books to read?” so many times he’s lost count.  Oh, the burdens of being an English major.
If you’re trying to come up with your own “Must List” of books to read, start by asking yourself a few questions, like:

What particular genre do I enjoy reading?

Do I want something challenging or simply a list of books to read that I can take with me on vacation?

Do I want to catch up on the classics (all the ones you skimmed in high school and college) or should I lean toward a more modern grouping?

Do I trust Oprah’s opinion?  (For example, no matter his level of awards and credentials, we still refuse to accept that Jonathan Franzen is a great writer.  Well, strike that.  Great writer, possibly, but entertaining writer?  Not quite.  With all due respect, none of his books would end up on our list of books to read.)

Without further delay, here is the Fiction eBook…


TOP 5 LIST OF BOOKS TO READ (eBooks & Print)



1.  Tomcat in Love – Tim O’Brien

We’ve been in love with Mr. O’Brien’s writing since we were forced to read The Things They Carried as English majors.  While Tomcat in Love hasn’t received the accolades that some of his other work has, this is by far our favorite.

The story is told in first person, and the main character is a cocky, self-centered linguistics professor.  The things O’Brien does with language in this novel still make us jealous to this day, and make it one of our top picks for books to read.



2.  Jitterbug Perfume – Tom Robbins

Don’t skip putting this one on your list of books to read, ever.  It’s such an astounding mix of plotlines and character development that it’s hard to categorize what it’s really about.

Jitterbug Perfume carries four distinct stories that contain concepts about the search for immortality, the power of scents, and…beets.  You don’t want to miss this one.



3.  The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid – Bill Bryson

Much like O’Brien, this is one of Bryson’s lesser known works, but quite possibly the funniest out of anything he’s written.  It chronicles his time growing up in the 50s and all the quirks and idiosyncrasies that come from exploring life in a more innocent (but not really) time.

Laugh out loud funny (LOL, in internet parlance), this surely deserves a place on any list of books to read, no matter your goal.



4.  The Entire “A Song of Ice & Fire” Series – George R. R. Martin

Truthfully, we could’ve used all five novels that are currently out in this series as our top 5 books to read.  Beginning with the outstanding A Game of Thrones, you’ll be sucked in from page 1 and will be begging for more about 4,000 pages later.  It’s classified as fantasy, but more appropriately could be called “political intrigue” …with dragons. Just like Battlestar Galactica was classified as Sci Fi but could just as easily been labeled political drama.  Get to the library, to the bookstore, or to your Kindle, and get this one started today.



5. The Two Crosses – Ernie Lindsey (Featured Novel on the Left)

This is a contemporary fiction novel from one of our own Fiction eBook authors that will have you reading long into the night.

More than just your typical, run-of-the-mill suspense fiction read, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll question your humanity and faith, sometimes all on the same page.