Reading in the contemporary world


Reading is one of the most entertaining activities recommended for the soul. Certainly based on the content being read, a good choice could both vacuum and feed one’s mind with information that could change his/her life. In the contemporary times, reading is being sank in especially by technology, whereby people are more involved in the electric tools than ever before.

These tools although without their benefits, tend to suppress the old fashioned way, where people made time to read a good book. With all the games, news as it is produced, Twitter, Facebook, all easily available on most electric gargets with internet connections, no one has time to read. This is rather sad, because then, a lot of information and knowledge are traded for immediate gratification. Although some may argue that listening is a viable option to reading, it is more engaging to read a book in whatever format.

An important ingredient in today’s busy life is “balance”. Everything should be balanced in such a way that we don’t overdo things and trade off others. It is also appreciated that time is an issue when it comes to reading. However, innovators have solved this problem by inventing several formats through which books can be read, including Kindle, eBooks, to mention but a few. It is therefore important for one to organize his/her life in order to find time to read a good book.