Books: Buying, Selling, Caring

Caring for Rare Books:

Rare books are treasures that should be given adequate care for achieving fair market value. The following are tips and techniques for you to preserve your rare books.

Value of booksValue of Your Book

The important factor that determines the value of books is the condition of the pages, cover, etc. A book which is in good condition may even be worth $500, but the same book in not-so-good condition may be worth less than $50.


Rare booksBuying Rare Books

Your decision to buy rare books is a commendable one, but there are certain factors that you should consider while buying such books. The rare books are available for sale through various outlets.


Selling booksGuide for Book Sellers and Buyers

The following list is a rough guideline on caring for books, buying, and selling them. Since there are many ideas among various people on managing books, there is nothing such as a hard and fast rule with respect to books.