Guide for Book Sellers and Buyers

Selling booksThe following list is a rough guideline on caring for books, buying, and selling them. Since there are many ideas among various people on managing books, there is nothing such as a hard and fast rule with respect to books. Hence, consider the following points to be my personal preference:

  • The condition of the book is the most important consideration for the book collectors. You should never compromise with a good book when a fine book is available. When you purchase the best possible copy of a book, you end up with increased value of the book.
  • When you are about to purchase a first edition of the book, it is recommended to research thoroughly the print history of the book along with any other issues associated with the book.
  • The publication of a book determines the cost of the book. The books that are expensive for production will cost higher in their initial purchase. Such high cost books will be preserved with more care by the buyers, hence the condition of such books remains optimum even after many years. Many limited edition books or deluxe edition books are of such a type, and the cost is higher. It is important for you to remember this while purchasing such books. All such books will remain in fine condition for a longer period of time.
  • On the other hand, the books that were designed for children will not be in fine condition for a longer duration, hence such books go for a premium price.
  • Newspapers and pamphlets are designed to be disposed once they are used. Such items will not be available after a short duration of time. This makes it difficult to track down such items after a certain period of time. Moreover, if the day of the paper which you request does not contain any important information the possibility of finding the paper is much less.
  • The price of a book is also determined by the rarity of the book rather than by the popularity. This means that even a popular book may price lower when compared to a rare book. Thus, it is important for you to analyze the original print run of the book before buying such rare books.
  • Some books that were stopped from further printing impact the price. Analyze the present status of the book to know whether it is out-of-print. Even popular books remain out of print which affects the price of such books.
  • Association copies are the books that have direct link to either the author of the book or the publisher. Those books contain special inscription or distinguish marks which result in a high premium for such books.

If you find an un-restored copy of a book alongside a book with heavy restoration, it is wise to purchase the former one.