Glossary of Book Terms


Advance Reading Copy (ARC):
It is a reading copy for book reviewers and booksellers. Such a copy of book is paper wrapped and the cover may contain finished artwork or trial work. It is different from uncorrected proof and it will eventually end up being in the bookstores.


Advertisements (ads, advts, adverts):
It refers to the advertisements placed in the book bindings.


Glossary of Book Terms - a

All Edges Gilt (A.E.G.):
The top and foot of the book along with its fore edge are colored in gold.


All Edges Stained (A.E.S.):
The top and foot of the book along with its fore edge are colored with decorative stain.


Antiquarian Books:
The books that form the collectible group rather than used books are called antiquarian books. They are usually rare old books that are out of print.


A book that is written by an author whose authenticity or authorship is in doubt.


Appendix is the additional material that is generally found in the end of the book.


As Issued:
When a book is in the same condition as it was when originally published, it is said to be as issued.


Association Copy:
A book that belongs to the author or someone close to the author is called association copy. It may also belong to a famous person or someone whose life is depicted in the book. An association copy should have evidence suggesting the association.


As New:
When a book is as new as it was during the time of release is termed as ‘as new’.


As Usual:
When a book has certain defects that are normal with the particular editor or publisher, it is termed as usual. Some common examples are absence of end papers, etc.


Audio Book:
The text of the book is read by a voice over and it is recorded in a CD, audio file, cassette, etc.


Autograph Letter (al):
A handwritten letter written by the writer.


Autograph Letter, Signed (als):
A handwritten letter signed by the writer.


Autograph Manuscript, Signed (ams):
A manuscript handwritten by the author.