Glossary of Book Terms

Glossary of Book Terms - w

Wartime paper stock:
During world war II, conservation of materials was practiced which led the publishers to use acidic papers that were cheaper for the publication of books. Such books tend to degrade faster and cannot be maintained in good condition.


A distinguishing mark of logo of a brand, name of author or any other mark that is incorporated into the laid paper is called watermark. The mark is created by adding the design to the wire mesh tray in which the pulp of the paper settles into. Thus, the watermark is created and you can see the same while you hold the paper to the light.


Water stain:
If the leaves of a book or the book cover contain stains caused by water or any other liquids, it is said so. It causes discoloration of the area where the stain has appeared. Also referred to as Tidemark.


Worming, Wormholes:
Bookworms form small holes in the books.


Wrap-around Band:
Such bands contain positive reviews about the book and are put around some copies of the books. They are fragile and they are of the length of the dust wrapper of the book.


Wrappers (wr, wrs):
The outer cover of the paper bound book or a pamphlet is called a wrapper. It is different from dust wrapper.