Glossary of Book Terms


The lower margin of a leaf, endpaper or the cover. It is also referred to as the bottom.


A decorative type ornament that is present in the end of the chapter of a book to indicate the end is called as tailpiece. See headpiece.


See fading.

Glossary of Book Terms - t


Oxidation causes the book’s gilt to darken. It is called as tarnished.


The part of the book that remains back when it is removed from binding is called as text block. Also see Book block.


It is a term used by the publishers in the 19th century to denote that the book is a later printing edition and not first edition. 


A book when it is reissued by a new publisher or with new material is termed as thus. Often seen as “First edition thus”.


A book that is published and released in three volumes and is often used to describe Victorian novels of late 19th century.


A new book has a tight binding and it cannot be easily opened and pages turned. Moreover, the pages cannot remain open for a short time. But as the book ages, the bindings become loose making it easier for you to turn pages and keep the book open.


A thin, protective sheet laid over an illustration.


When a piece of paper, letter, photo or any other material is attached to the book but not included in the binding is called as tipped in.


French term for printing. Usually refers to a limited edition which is numbered and dated.


Title Page (tp):
The title page of the book present in the beginning includes the title, subtitle, authors, contributors, publisher, printer, place and date of publication etc. This information is used for cataloging purposes.


Title Page Index (tpi):
If title page and index are present in periodicals, it is called so. Any periodical without title page and index are considered incomplete.


Work or ornamentation done with tools is referred to as tooling.


Top Edge Gilt (T.E.G.):
Gold leaf or gilt material is used for covering the top edges of the pages. It is usually abbreviated as TEG.


Trade Edition:
The edition of a book that is intended for sale to public is called so.


When the pages of a book are cut down to smaller sizes when compared to the original size during issue is called trimmed.


True First:
The exact first edition of a book which is denoted by the original place of publication and earliest publication date.


Typed Letter Signed (TLS):
A letter that is typewritten but signed by hand is called so.