Glossary of Book Terms


Raised Bands
The raised areas on the spine concealing a cord that is attached to the covers.


Glossary of Book Terms - r

When a book is available in scarce, it is said to be rare.


Reading Copy
The readable copy of a book that is worn as much that it cannot be considered as a collectible is called as reading copy.


When the spine and joints of a book is replaced, it is said to be re backed.


The replacement of boards of a book is called as rebound. The replacement is done primarily for repairing the damage of older boards.


When a book is glued back to its cover after being loose is said to be re-cased.


Recommendation is a positive review from an author or a reviewer about a book. It also determines the edition or printing of the book. See Issue point.


The right hand page of a book is called the obverse. It is the front side of a leaf and it is also called as obverse.


Remainder (rem):
A book may not be selling recently which will result in overstock for the publishers. All such overstock books are marked as remaindering so that booksellers who are specialized in selling such books will assist the publishers in selling the books.


Remainder Marks (rm):
A book that is sold as remainders will have some special mark in the form of stamp or a black marker and a spray paint. The marking is done by the publisher to denote such books.


A subsequent press run of an edition of a book is called reprint. Usually, the reprint will not include any changes from the original edition. Any updates to the original edition will be done in a new edition of the book. See Edition.


The left hand page of a book is called the reverse. It is the back side of a leaf and it is also called as verso.


Review Slip:
Review slip is a piece of paper attached to the book by the publisher to a reviewer for raising interest in the minds of the reviewer over the book.


The wear and tear caused to the book as a result of keeping the books in a shelf and taking them often. See Shelf wear.