Glossary of Book Terms


The right hand page of a book is called the obverse. It is also called as recto.


Glossary of Book Terms - o

Octavo (8vo):
If the size of the book falls within the ranges five by eight inches to six by nine inches, they are called as octavo. Such books are the most common form of hardcover books. The paper used for such books are folded and eight leaves are made of them.


When a larger publication is partitioned and separate printing is done for that section, it is called offprint.


It denotes the transfer of ink from one page to another, in the form of either printed page or engraving.


Original Boards:
The original binding of a book is called as original boards. 


Out-of-Print (oop, op):
A book that is not being printed right now is called so. But the printing of such book may be done anytime.


The overruns or extra copies of limited edition books.


Oversized wraps:
The soft covers of a bound book extends beyond the edges of the text block are called as oversized wraps. The extended region is prone to wear. See Yapped.


Owner's Bookplate:
See Bookplate.