Glossary of Book Terms

Glossary of Book Terms - m

Made-up Copy:
A book which is assembled by adding pages from various defective copies is called made-up copy.


Manuscript (ms mss):
The original form of a work as it was created by the author is called a manuscript. It may either be typewritten or handwritten. It can also be computer generated.


When marble patterns are used for the decoration of paper and bindings, it is said to be marbled.


The space surrounding the text on a page on all sides or any side is called as margin. In antiquarian book collecting, there are various margin sizes because of variant bindings. The books with wider margins are preferable.


The notes or information written in the margins of the pages. Students usually write in this space for studying the text. See highlighting.


When two books use the same dust jacket, it is said to be married.


Mass-Market Paperback (mmpb):
The book that has four inches width and seven inches height, which is the most common form of book in sales is called so. These books usually are seen as mystery, romance etc. See Trade edition.


Mint Copy:
An absolutely perfect copy. It is new and perfect similar to how it was immediately after its issue.


Pages of a book that are sewn in an improper order.


Modern Firsts:
All the books that were published since 1901 are called so. There is no particular reason for the selection of the year.


A work that deals with a single subject is called a monograph. It is usually issued in pamphlet form and it is short.


Morocco is a type of leather made from goat skin. This type of material is preferred for book bindings as it is durable and attractive.