Glossary of Book Terms


Illum is the short form of illustrated manuscript. It also refers to polychrome illustrations.


Glossary of Book Terms - i

The decoration applied to the book and its covers in hand, usually with gold, silver and colored paint.


Illustrated (Ill, Ills, Illus):
A design, picture, plate, plan, diagram, chart, or map printed within the text.


Impression refers to the number of copies that are printed during any particular press run. There are various meanings associated with this term but this is the correct meaning.


The term refers to the place of publication or the publisher.


The books, pamphlets, calendars and indulgences that were printed before 1501 in Europe are referred so. Only printed items are called such and not handwritten ones. The year 1501 was chosen so as to facilitate classification of books that were printed before the development of printing press by Johannes Gutenberg. All the works that were printed after 1501 are described as post incunabula.


Index refers to the alphabetical listing of names and topics along with their page numbers. The index of serials and journals are generally found in the last issue as it is published only after the volume is completed.


India paper:
India paper is a type of paper that is thin but opaque which helps in reducing the size of the book as other papers increase the size of the book.


Inscribed (insc):
A book that is signed by an author with a personal message quoting a particular person or some brief notation.


If a leaf or page of a book is bound along with the book during its manufacture, it is said to be integral.


When the blank leaves of the book come in between the printed leaves, it is said to be interleaved.


International Edition:
All books that are published outside United States of America are called as International edition. The sale and distribution of such books are not authorized in USA and Canada and selling such books without consent violates the copyrights and trademarks of the publishers.


The priorities of the copies of book within the first edition are called so. It is synonymous with State.


Issue Points:
The changes that are associated with the various copies of the same book are called as issue points. The earliest editions of the books are normally preferred by collectors. Hence, if there are any changes that are made in the later editions, they mark these changes as issue points.