Glossary of Book Terms

Glossary of Book Terms - h

Half binding:
Usually, when a book is bound, one needs to bind the covers, spine and corners of the book. When one type of material is used for binding the spine and covers, some other material is used for binding the remaining covers, it is said to be half binding.


Half Cloth:
Paper-covered boards with the spine bound in cloth.


Half Leather:
When the spine and corners of the book is bound in leather and the rest of the book is bound using different material, it is said to be half leather. Also see quarter leather.


Half- Title Page (htp):
It is a page that contains only the title of the book without any other information. It usually precedes the title page and it is also called as mock title, half title and bastard title etc.


The books that come under fiction with crime as major theme is called as hard boiled. The tone of writing is pessimistic and hard.


The upper margin of the cover, leaf and the end paper is called as head. It is also called as top.


A band that appears inside the back strip at the top and bottom of the spine is called as headband. It is a decorative band that is usually colored and sometimes multicolored. 


A decorative type ornament that is present in the start of the chapter of a book to indicate the beginning is called as headpiece.


Highlighting is done to expose a particular text to the readers for grabbing their attention. It is done by the use of transparent and brightly colored markers. See underlining.


The portion of the book cover which is flexible and meets the book spine is called the hinge. It is the inside portion of the cover while the joint is the external portion.


The handwriting of the author is called as holograph. See Autograph.


Hors Texte, versos blank:
The term refers to the plates that are tipped in to a paper that is different from the paper of the text. Such plates are not printed on the reverse sides. This term is a French term and means outside of the text.


Hypermodern: The collected first edition books that were released not more than 10 years ago are called as hypermodern. The books are published more recently and there is no track record for the author and the book.