Glossary of Book Terms

Glossary of Book Terms - g

Galleys are the long sheets of paper that bears the initial trial impression of the type. They are also called as galley proofs and loose galleys and they are completely different from bound galleys.


Gathering is the process by which a group of sheets are folded together so as to include them into the book by sewing and gluing them to the binding.


In some books, you can see engraved designs on the edges of the books. This is called as gauffered.


Gilt (gt):
The thin application of gold lettering or decoration on the spine, edges and boards of the book is called as gilt.


Gilt edges (ge):
When the gilt is applied to various edges of the book, it is said to be gilt edges. There are various abbreviations associated with gilt with ge referring to gilt edges, aeg referring to all edges gilt, gt means gilt top and teg means top edge gilt.


A dust wrapper made of transparent paper.


The inner margin of the leaves of a book that is bound.