Glossary of Book Terms

Glossary of Book Terms - e

E-Book is the short form of electronic book which is nothing but the computer version of an entire book. The E-Books are present in different file formats and each format needs a reader such as Amazon’s Kindle and Adobe reader for reading the text present in the book.


The outer surfaces of a book’s leaves are called as edges.


Edge worn:
Wear along the edges of the hardback book covers.


Edited (ed):
A book that is ready for publication but is being worked by an editor.


Edition (ed):
All the copies of a book that are printed at the same time with the same typesetting and at the same place are categorized as an edition. Any changes and updates in the book should be made in the new edition.


Editor (ed):
A person who proofreads the book for errors and makes the text readable for the readers is called an editor.


Elephant Folio:
A large book about 23 inches tall.


End Papers (ep):
End papers are the sheets of papers that are pasted on to the inner covers of the book, joining the book block to the covers.


The items that are printed or hand written that are intended for short term use. These items become collectibles later. Examples of such items are post cards, stamps etc.


Erosion is the loss of paper or cloth that covers the book, as the book becomes prone to wear and tear. Erosion is not the same as chipping and tearing.


Errata refer to the errors or mistakes found in the book. It is usually listed in the errata slip if the publisher finds the errors before publication.

Example (ex):
A particular copy of an edition.


Ex-Library (exlib or ex lib):
If a book was once used in a library, it is called so. Such books have markings of the library such as catalog numbers, stampings etc. The library marks such books as discarded or withdrawn when they are being sold.


A book plate that contains the owners’ name and initials printed on it.