Glossary of Book Terms


Damp stained:
When a cover of the book has a light stain caused by external factors such as food or perspiration, the cover is termed to be damp stained.


If a book cover is exposed to light, the color of the cover darkens or becomes intense.


Glossary of Book Terms - d

Deckle Edges:
Uncut or untrimmed edges are termed as deckle edges.


Decorative Stamped Binding:
It is the highly detailed impression that is stamped on the cover of the book.


Dedication Copy:
The copy of the book that is inscribed by the author to the person for whom the book is dedicated is called as dedication copy.


Definitive Edition:
The most authoritative version of a work is called definitive edition.


Damages to the edges of the cover of hardcover books are called dents.


Device is the printer’s ornament which is also the emblem of the publisher. Also called as colophon.


Die Cut:
Die cut is the process where a publisher cuts out shapes from a paper making it come out as a different shape.


When a book is taken out from its binding, it is said to be disbound.


Some people have the habit of folding the papers in its corners for identification. Such folded corners are called dog eared.


It represents two different books that are bound together with two covers representing each book. Many science fiction books and ace paperbacks are released this way.


Dummy is a mock-up of a book that is used by the salesmen to show the buyers of the sample texts from the book. It would usually contain a title page and 10 to 20 pages of text. Dummy was in use from late
19th century.


Duodecimo (12mo):
A book approximately seven to eight inches tall is called so.


Dust jacket (dj):
Dust jacket refers to the protective outer covering of a book that is usually made of decorative paper. It is similar to a dust wrapper.


Dust wrapper (dw):
See dust jacket.