Glossary of Book Terms

Glossary of Book Terms - b

Back strip:
The covering on the book's spine is called a back strip.


Bastard Title:
It is a page that contains only the title of the book without any other information. It usually precedes the title page and it is also called as mock title, half title and fly title etc.


It means signifying or pertaining to books and the word is taken from Greeks.


Person who destroys books is called biblioclast.


Person having a deep knowledge of books is called bibliognost.


Bibliography (bibl):
A systematic list of books and other works that pertain to a certain subject.


A book thief is called biblioklept.


When a person becomes over obsessed with books, he is called a bibliomaniac. Such persons are usually book dealers and book collectors.


A person who loves books are called bibliophile.


Bibliophobia is called as fear of books.


A dealer of rare books is called as bibliopole.


Binding (bdg):
The cover of the book surrounding the book block.


Binding Copy:
A binding copy is one that needs to be repaired by rebinding. Some books may have all the leaves intact but the binding would have been damaged. Such books need to be rebound.


Blind Stamping:
Blind stamping is the appearance of an impressed mark or some sort of decoration and lettering in the binding of the book. Book clubs usually mark their logo on the binding. Trade editions mark their logo of a small square, round and leaf shaped blind stamp on the bottom right corner of the board.


Block Books:
It denotes the books that were printed in Germany and Netherlands in the mid 1400s in which wood blocks are used for printing pictures and explanatory texts. They are different from a book block.


Blurb is a comment from a reviewer who usually praises the book. The comment is printed on the dust jacket or on a wrap around band.


Boards (bds):
The binding material that is now being used in most of the books is called boards.


Book Block:
A book that has been printed, folded, gathered and sewn, but not yet bound. See Text-block.


Book Club Edition (bc, bce):
 When a book is specially printed for a book club, it is called as book club edition. There are many popular book clubs such as "The Book of the Month Club" or "The Literary Guild”. These copes usually have the text “Book Club Edition” printed on the front dust wrapper. Sometimes, the book clubs will not want a separate edition, instead request the publishers to blind stamp in the rear board of the book. They would also print a supply of dust wrappers without price tag on the front flap and bar code on the rear panel. Book clubs are not only seen in America but also in British also.


Book Label:
A book label indicates the ownership of the book. It is usually smaller than a book plate.


Book Plate (bkpl):
A pasted in sign of ownership is called a book plate. All modern book plates come as peel and stick format while the older book plates are of lick and stick format. The difference is that the former ones are pressure sensitive while the latter ones are water activated adhesive. Some older book plates also have engravings over them.


A book or a periodical that has a cover other than the published wraps are called bound.


Bowed refers to the condition of the cover of the book along with its boards. A bowed cover is one that is turned either inward to the leaves or outward away from the leaves. The bowed condition is caused due to the moisture level of the air present in the room in which the book is stored. Moreover, the expansion and contraction of the outer material of the board also causes this condition.


A breaker is a person who breaks the book to sell either the books or the plates separately. When the books become old, they need to be rebound or broken up.


A single sheet of paper usually printed on one side only.


Buckram is a type of binding material made of heavy linen cloth. It is often coated with a protective material.